Friday, July 22, 2016

Factory-Farming and Negative Consequences Sufficient for Change

From guest blogger, Catherine.

In class we discussed all the negative aspects of factory farming and it seemed as though, regardless of how you consider animals morally, the general consensus is that there is a moral obligation to not eat factory farmed meat. Despite this most people are still ok with continuing on as usual and not changing their diets in any way. This completely baffles me.

 It’s not difficult to eat vegetarian, in today’s society there are countless options. People complain it’s expensive, there are plenty of broke college students that have found ways to do it where it’s not. There is no good argument to eat factory farmed meat, all of them boil down to a selfishness and laziness that, recognized or not, is immoral.

However, at this point I’m starting to believe that there isn’t going to be any significant change until the impending consequences get drastically worse and the threat to humanity is more tangible which, whatever that situation might be, is seemingly easily preventable.

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Jane Zhou said...

Hi Catherine,

I do agree with your opinion that there is a moral obligation for human beings not to eat meat. However, most human beings are speciesist, sometimes they prefer having meat to having vegetables. I actually have a suggestion for those who would like to be vegetarian but are concerned whether they can be accustomed with all vegetable meals. They can choose one or a few months out of twelve and make it vegetarian month. As long as they can be comfortable with those a few months, they will get used to have vegetarian meals all year gradually.

Please let me know if you have questions.

---By Jane