Friday, July 22, 2016

Assessment on Warren’s Abortion

From guest blogger, Brian.

In class, we talk about Warren rejected the classic argument of abortion because it is invalid due to the different concept of persons in premises.  Hence, Warren approached five traits to definite a person including consciousness ability, reasoning skills, self-motivated, communication skills, and self-awareness.  Those five features give support for a being to be classified as a person, therefore allowing them to have moral rights in our society. Warren concludes by claiming that a fetus has none of these five traits, and therefore a fetus is not a person, neither a morally human being.

I have two concerns about the way she defines a person. First of all, she does not concern about any stage of abortion.  For example, a two-month fetus verse a nine-month fetus. It is to me that killing a nine-months fetus is going to cause much more pain physically and mentally than a two-months fetus for both the gravida and the fetus.

Additionally, assuming the theory is true to determine a person, I believe that these criteria are too hard to achieve because it sets very high standards. For instance, the two traits claim that a person needs to have reasoning skill and self-motivated activity; however, those are traits we might only find from adults. A newborn and even a young child still does not have the ability to question things and perform self motivated activities, therefore the two premises are doubtful to me. 

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