Thursday, April 14, 2016

Possibility from Conceivability

From guest blogger, TJ.

If I can imagine something, than that something must be possible.  For example, I can imagine myself watching over me as I die, therefore it must be possible.  Souls are conceivable and therefore possible.  Some might argue that surviving bodily death is a contradiction but not if the there is something beyond the body (for example the soul).  The soul is the part of you that is surviving bodily death.  Your identity is not constrained to your body.  Possibility can derive from conceivability, but possibility doesn’t necessarily imply actualization.  It seems that there are things that I can imagine that are also impossible.  So therefore not everything that I imagine is possible.  Also, what kind of possibility are we talking about?  Logical possibility, metaphysical possibility, or physical possibility?  That is another very important question.  Something that is logically or physically impossible might be metaphysically possible.  The only question is how to conceive of these metaphysical possibilities?  That is a very difficult question to answer.  One might argue that anything that we can imagine is metaphysically possible.  But how is that?  That would imply that a square-circle is a metaphysical possibility.  But it seems like that cannot be true.  This is why it is very difficult to conceive of metaphysical possibilities.

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