Friday, April 20, 2012

West and Smiley on Colbert

This is an interesting interview on a new book having to do with wealth distribution.

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Note the line of argument Colbert pursues having to do with class warfare.


Shannell Wise said...

I think the authors of the book "The Rich and The Rest of Us" seem like very interesting people. I wish they would have talked more about what their book is about and what types of ideas they came up with because I am interested! They made a good point in the video when Colbert said "Why don't the poor people just vote for someone who is going to stop them from being poor?" (or something along those lines) and one of the authors said that the rich dominate politics too. It is very true. The rich run this country in every way and it seem like there is no way for the poor to make their way up as long as the rich are in power. Because lets face it, most of the rich people in the world are like Colbert. They don't care enough about the poor to share what they have.

Roland Cross said...

I like how Tavis Smiley mentioned how the poor feel like they are being "Tickled On". I thought this was a great argument against trickle down economics.The rich feel that they are creating jobs for the poor, but the poor are actually becoming poorer.

Like Shannell said, I also wish they would have mentioned their book more.I think this interview shows how many rich people feel that by them becoming richer, more money will trickle down to the poor. This doesn't actually work, especially when we are paying more taxes.

Lower taxes for the rich = More Money for them = More money that will trickle down to the poor. Nobody should look at this and believe it could work. I think this plan is just moral ignorance.