Monday, February 4, 2013

Workshop on Reference at Ohio State

The Departments of Philosophy and Linguistics at Ohio State University will be hosting a workshop on reference March 21 & 22. Participants include:

Barbara Abbott (Linguistics, Michigan State)  
Paul Elbourne (Linguistics, Queen Mary UL)  
Michael Glanzberg (Philosophy, Northwestern)  
John Hawthorne (Philosophy, Oxford)  
Irene Heim (Linguistics, MIT)  
Robin Jeshion (Philosophy, USC)  
Hans Kamp (Philosophy, UT Austin)  
Jeffrey King (Philosophy, Rutgers)
David Manley (Philosophy, Michigan)
Craige Roberts (Linguistics, Ohio State)  
William Taschek (Philosophy, Ohio State)

By bringing experts from both fields together, we hope new light will be shed on the nature of reference. We hope you will join us for what promises to be two days of stimulating, interdisciplinary conversation. 

Information about the workshop can be found here:

Titles and abstracts will be updated on the flyer attached as soon as that information is available.
Any questions should be sent to Eric Snyder and Liela Rotschy at: 

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