Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some Bittersweet News

I recently accepted a position at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. I'll be teaching my last class at UPB this summer. It's Ethics and it meets during the first, four-week summer session. I'm working on the syllabus now and it's shaping up to be really interesting (and fun!) class. We'll be reading a great book by Julia Driver called Ethics: The Fundamentals and this will be supplemented by a handful of movies/documentaries. If you're thinking of enrolling in a course this summer, I hope you consider this one. Remember that there's free housing if you enroll in summer courses.

* If I'm your advisor, you should request a new one & talk to another faculty member about your schedule for the fall.

* If you're enrolled in the philosophy program, email me to make an appointment to discuss options for degree completion.

* If you've borrowed a book from me (you know who you are!), please return it by the end of the semester.

As you can imagine, this was a difficult decision. I'm going to miss my colleagues and students at UPB, but I'll have some very fond memories.